Chef, author of "Sexy food" & "Food lover", media personality


Chef, author of "Sexy food" & "Food lover", media personality


About Vindy Lee

Healthy & Beautifying Cooking from The "Sexy Chef" of Indonesia


Vindy Lee is a private chef, author of the Sexy Food & Food Lover cookbooks, and an avid believer of healthy eating for beautifying oneself.

" To me, having a healthy mind, body and spirit is a lifestyle, not just a diet! You can achieve that through choosing right the foods you eat daily "

Vindy believes in clean eating, high-fiber based foods, whole carbohydrates, lean protein, and the right cooking methods for optimal nutrients.

Vindy also hosts her own cooking show, Sexy Food, on Transvision Indonesia. Vindy also has a ready meal food delivery project in Jakarta, which features her signature Beauty Secret Meals. Having started her professional cooking career in 2004, as sous chef in Champagne French Cafe and Bakery in Beverly Hills, California. Her experience extended to Rosti Italian Restaurant in Westlake Village, California, before venturing to become a personal chef.

Baca: Kompas Interview (Bahasa Indonesia)

  • Sexy Food, Transvision (2014-Present)
  • Jakarta Belum Tidur, AnTV (2013)
  • DahSyat, RCTI (2012)
  • Dapur Cantik, Trans7 (2011)
  • 811 Show Metro TV (2010)

Her Story

Vindy's approach to cooking fresh, made-from-scratch, and optimizes beautifying properties in her healthy dishes. 

" I started developing a passion for cooking at 7 years old, watching Grandma cook everyday when she was babysitting us in Singapore. I loved cooking everything from scratch - pastas, breads, to whole roast chicken. "

After graduating Santa Monica College with Honors 2002, Vindy graduated University of Southern California in 2004 gaining a double degree in International Relations and East Asian Language & Culture. Vindy has also worked in a Los Angeles Mayoral Campaign before deciding that her heart lies in cooking, eventually pursuing her career in food.

"After having resided in different countries and having observed the correlation between diet and health, I have decided to change my diet 10 years ago. Having a wholesome, clean diet allows a healthy lifestyle reflected on the physical beauty, stress-free physche, hence a positive approach to life." Eat to live, deliciously.

Did you know?

Vindy currently serves as a Board Member of Indonesian Chef Association.

Vindy's cookbook Food Lover is sold in Gramedia Indonesia, and available for loan in Singapore National Library.

She was previously awarded The Students' President Award USA by 

President George W Bush for her extensive charity work in the USA 2004. 

Vindy Lee ranked Top 100 World's Sexiest Woman from FHM Romania, FHM Indonesia and FHM South Africa repeatedly during 2011-2015 and has since been featured in 8 FHMs(Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Romania, South Africa); MAXIM, Esquire and over 30 international publications.

Due to her international appeal, Vindy represented the Jakarta Tourism Board in a series Enjoy Jakarta Campaign in USA, Singapore and Taiwan, cooking Indonesian dishes to esteemed VIPs, promoting Indonesian culture.

Born November 23 to a Taiwanese father and Indonesian mother, Vindy speaks English, Mandarin and Indonesian language.

Vindy Lee Youtube Upload

Vindy Lee Beauty Meal Project

Vindy Lee's beauty meal delivery service ready in Jakarta

WATCH Vindy Lee Indonesian Cooking Show

Vindy Lee hosting "Sexy Food" on Transvision Indonesia and "Dapur Cantik" Trans7 Indonesia

Vindy Lee cooks NZ Baby Lamb Chops

Vindy Lee healthy menu option: New Zealand Baby Lamb with Vitamin-rich "Green Goddess" Sauce

Beauty Secret Meals

Ready Meal Delivery Service in Jakarta


On May 2017, Vindy Lee launched her ready meal food delivery service in Jakarta. Vindy features her signature Beauty Secret Meals with all-natural recipes for maintaining weight and healthy body, along with beauty supplement drinks. Designed to focus on including all food groups in moderation (quality fats, whole carbohydrate and proteins, packed with fiber), healthy nutritional balance to achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

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